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Company Profile:
An independent overview of AllClear Water Purifiers.
Published in Koi Carp Magazine, January 1999, Freestyle Publications.
Our grateful thanks to Ron Toft for giving his permission to reproduce his article in this web site.
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Metals & Koi:
A series of three articles on the effects of toxic metals on koi. Published in the then British
Koi Keeper's independent magazine 'The Koi Times'.
With grateful thanks to the Chairman of the B.K.K.S., for agreeing to the reproduction of
the magazine layout in this web site, and to the contributors giving consent to inclusion of
their names, photographs and letter.
Part (1) 'A Lurking Problem', published May 1998.
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Part (2) 'The Undercover Story of Water Purifiers', published June 1998. Click to view
Part (3) 'Practical Implications for the Koikeeper', published July 1998Click to view

Koi Carp Magazine/Freestyle Publications.
A series of three articles on tap water, purification and purifier choice. Our grateful thanks to
the publisher Mark Nuttall, the editor Christina Guthrie and to the contributors for
giving the necessary permissions for reproduction of the articles, in their original layout, in
this web site.
Part (1) 'What is Water?', published September 2000. Click to view
Part (2) 'Ins and Outs of Tap Water Purification', published October 2000. Click to view
Part (3) 'Choosing a Purifier', published April 2001.Click to view
Alkalinity - KH - and its relation to pH.
A short explanation of the role of carbonate hardness in fishkeeping.
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