Introducing AllClear

AllClear specialises in the treatment of new influent water for fish.

AllClear Water Purifiers was launched into the amateur fishkeeping market in April 1993. Having established their reputation in this niche market, AllClear are now known internationally and their products are used throughout the U.K., Europe, America and as far as Brunei!

In the late 1980's, Ann & Richard Telford lost nearly their entire koi collection through failure of products on the market to protect their own fish from new influent water. This led to their determination to research, devise and market scientifically precise products for the protection of fish.

Since then AllClear has grown. Today AllClear offers a wide range of products:

Small purifiers for amateur aquarium or pond use Bespoke systems for larger fish farming installations Bespoke - CAD reverse osmosis systems for the treatment of tap water, fresh water, brackish water, seawater and wastewater AllClear serves your domestic needs with domestic purifiers and shower fitments.

As part of AllClear's technical service, water reports are analysed for fish needs and the appropriate system recommended. Ratings for standard 'fish' purification systems are based on whole lifetime testing undertaken at a U.K. water company's main analytical, NAMAS accredited laboratory. A selection of these test results, are open to public view at AllClear talks and on AllClear show stands.

AllClear manufacture their own, unique cartridges, which are specifically designed for the treatment of water for fish.

Publications to date:

AllClear Publication: Tap Water & Its Effects on Koi

Articles Published in:

Aquarist & Pondkeeper Magazine
B.K.K.S. Sections' Show Programmes
Koi Carp Magazine
Koi Ponds & Gardens Magazine
Practical Fishkeeping Magazine
The British Koi Keepers's Society Magazine/Show Programme
The Federation of British Aquarists' Magazine, Fish World
The Fish Farmer Magazine
The Koi Times (previously published by the B.K.K.S.)

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